How I Wish I Knew

I never knew
How much I truly loved you
Until all the beautiful hues
Turned into horrible blues
I was scared to look at you
What were you about to say?
Hopeless I stood…without a clue
The first few words
would make their way
Through your wicked tattered tongue
My body would shake
My heart would ache
Was all this fake?
I question myself.
It was time for you
To make the crucial confession
Without a pint of aggression
Two options…waiting wildly…
To choose or to lose
What would be your final decision?
I wonder with my closed eyes…
Leaving behind all the rainy days
Turning them into
storms of yellows and grays
All I could do was pray
I love you was all you could say.
Was this a goodbye or a new hello?
How I wish I knew.
How much I truly loved you.


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Your Words Changed Me…

Remember the teen you called fat?

And asked her to become flat?

Because to you she seemed like a spoilt brat?

Remember the woman you called hideous?

And waited for her to face an ignominious ?

Because to you she seemed perfidious?

Remember the man you called tiny?

And expected him to become whiny?

Because to you he seemed like a spiny?

Remember the child you called dumb?

And awaited for him to become numb?

Because to you he was nothing but scum?

Self harm?..I’d prefer my hot chocolate creamy and warm.

That teen loves to eat.

And she mostly enjoys to peacefully breathe.

That woman accepts her pimples.

And admires her dimples.

That man has a huge heart.

And this world to him is nothing but art.

And you didn’t know that child was dyslexic.

You weren’t very protective..but..

I guess your words were just very.. effective.

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تم اور میں


 سورج مجھ پر چمک رہا ہے

ستارے تم پر دمک رہے ہيں

اک روشن صبح

اک بجھی ہوئی رات

تم اک خوش باش انساں

میں اک اداس شخص

سخت پتھر میرے ساتھ

نرم ریت تمہارے ساتھ

تمہارے رستےگلاب گلاب

میرے رستے کانٹوں بھرے

تم مرکر بھی زندہ

میں زندہ ہوکر بھی اک لاش

Tum aur Mein

Suraj mujh par chamak raha hai

sitare tum par damak rahay hain

ek roshan subah

ek bujhi hui raat

tum ek khush baash insaa

mein ek udaas shakhs

sakht pathar mere sath

naram rait tumhare sath

tumhare raste gulaab gulaab

mere raste kaanton bharay

tum mar kar bhi zinda

mein zinda hokar bhi ek laash



This is the urdu version of my poem “You and I”

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The Pain

  • A calm face,

    A wild mind.

    Loving strangers,

    Strange lovers.

    Eyes hiding pain,

    Screaming in despair.

    Everyone sees,

    No one reacts.

    Deep inside the heart,

    Are buried secrets.

    Questions left unanswered,

    A smile on her face.

    No one knows what’s going inside…

    A tongue which no longer…

    Can form words…

    She sits there, quietly…

    Looking for words,

    But none could describe

    The pain…

    A calm face,

    A wild mind.

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Kyu tum?

Meri raat ki neend kharab karte ho

Meray din ko bhi acha karte ho

Kyu tum aysa karte ho?

Meri akhon ko num karte ho

Mry hoton pay bhi hasi late ho

Kyu tum aysa karte ho?

Mujhe naraz karte ho

Mujhe manate bhi ho

Kyu tum aysa karte ho?

Mjhse ghussa bhi ho te ho

Mjhse khush bhi ho te ho

Kyu tum aysa karte ho?

Mjhse door ho tum

Magar meray pas ho tum

Kyu tum aysa karte ho?

Dusron se nafrat hai itni

Magar tumse hai muhabbat jitni

Khuda ko apne bandon se

Pholon ko apni mitti se

Asmaan ko apne sitaron se

Andhe ko roshni se

Ghungay ko lafzon se

R behre ko awazon se

Akhir. Kyu ho tum aysay?

کیوں تم ؟

میری رات کی نیند خراب کرتے ہو

میرے دن کو بھی اچھا کرتے ہو

کیوں تم ایسا کرتے ہو ؟

میری آنکھوں کو نم کرتے ہو

میرے ہونٹوں پہ بھی ہنسی لاتےہو

کیوں تم ایسا کرتے ہو ؟

مجھے ناراض کرتے ہو

مجھے مناتے بھی ہو

کیوں تم ایسا کرتےہو ؟

مجھ سے غصہ بھی ہو تے ہو

مجھ سے خوش بھی ہو تے ہو

کیوں تم ایسا کرتے ہو ؟

مجھ سے دور ہو تم

مگر میرے پس ہو تم

کیوں تم ایسا کرتے ہو ؟

دوسروں سے نفرت ہے اتنی

مگر تم سے ہے محبت جتنی

خدا کو اپنے بندوں سے

پھولوں کو اپنی مٹی سے

آسمان کو اپنے ستاروں سے

اندھے کو روشنی سے

گونگے کو لفظوں سے

اور بہرے کو آوازوں سے

آخر کیوں ہو تم ایسے ؟

Why Do You?

You ruin my sleep at night,

but you also brighten up my day,

Why are you this way?

You bring tears to my eyes,

but you also teach my lips how to smile,

Why are you this way?

You make me mad,

but you also stop me from being sad,

Why are you this way?

You get angry at me,

but you also laugh with me,

Why are you this way?

You are far from me,

Yet you’re close to me,

Why are you this way?

I hate others so much,

but i love you as much as…

God loves his people,

Flowers love its soil,

The sky loves its stars,

The blind loves the light,

The mute loves words,

And the deaf loves sounds,

Even after so much of delight…why are YOU this way?

Hello everyone! the English version of the poem isn’t exactly the same as the Urdu because some lines just don’t make sense when i translate them word to word. Thank You! ^.^

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Ek Mujahid

   Apne husn se nahi

Apne hunar say

Mashor hona chahti hai wo

Gunah kar k apne dar ko

chupa leti hai wo

Kahani apni akhon k ansoun k peche chupa leti hai wo

Ek masoom shakal k peche ek shaytan ko chupa leti hai wo

Ek mujahid ban k ek dari v jaan ko chupa leti hai wo bacha leti hai wo

Marte marte dusron ko jeena Sikha deti hai wo

Apne zakhmon ko Zameen k neeche dafna Deti hai wo

Khoon se junoon se josh se hosh may

Dushman ki chalti chalti saansen rok deti hai

Apnehusn se nahi

Apne hunar say

Mashor hona chahti hai wo

اک مجاہد

اپنے حُسْن سے نہیں

اپنے ہنر سے

مشہور ہونا چاہتی ہے وہ

گناہ کر کے اپنے ڈر کو چھپا لیتی ہے وہ

کہانی اپنی آنکھوں کے آنسوں کے پیچھے چھپا لیتی ہے وہ

اک معصوم شکل کے پیچھے اک شیطان کو چھپا لیتی ہے وہ

اک مجاہد بن کے اک ڈری ہوئی جان کو چھپا لیتی ہے وہ بچا لیتی ہے وہ

مرتے مرتے دوسروں کو جینا سکھا دیتی ہے وہ

اپنے زخموں کو زمین کے نیچے دفنا دیتی ہے وہ

خون سے جنون سے جوش سے ہوش میں

دشمن کی چلتی چلتی سانسیں روک دیتی ہے

اپنے حُسْن سے نہیں

اپنے ہنر سے

مشہور ہونا چاہتی ہے وہ

A Warrior

Not by her beauty,

But by her talent…

She wishes to be famous for .

She conceals her fears by committing sins.

She hides her story behind the tears of her eyes.

She veils the devil within, behind an innocent face.

By becoming a warrior she manages to shelter and save an innocent soul…

She teaches others to live while dying herself.

She digs her wounds deep in the ground.

With Blood with Madness in Aggression in Consciousness,

She ceases the breath of the enemy.

Not from her beauty,

But by her talent…

She wishes to be famous for.

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